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I must take this opportunity to tell you that although I am no comedian  I mix humor many times with issues others find very serious.  

I'm also known to fill in a story with information that I know others will say, "That ain't right!".  Humor is important.  It covers my stress when  learning so many different theories of life.

However, I'm updating to make certain that entertaining pages are less offensive.


Below is an example of my humor. 


Cherub Hallow Ethnic Angels

Having fun with dolls

Who knew that I would go back to dolls again, and learning how to sew in an age that I am retiring?  Not I.

However, this is turning out to be fun and  good therapy for me.

All who know me very well could understand why spiritual dolls are playing a part in this endeavor, and they also know I love humor.  

I have always love reading the bible, learning about heaven and especially about angels. Just as most people read to learn about Creation, I am interested in African spirituality as a whole. 

I did not start out making angels.  I began by making Afrocentric designs on dolls that represented parts of our population that were not being represented. The "Black Panther doll babies" were my first. Then I realized I had never seen an "African doll baby angel" either.  So the question I asked myself, and yes I talk to myself, is, "Why haven't I seen an African baby doll angel?'  So, I said to myself, "Why don't you make one yourself?  And then I answered myself and said to myself, "I'll do just that"!

Someone may find the dolls or something on this site offensive, but that is not my intentions.

Representation is my objective.


I recently learned about "the first African female angel "recorded" in ancient world history. 

Being new to this history, well, I had fun putting my own spin to the story, unlike  serious scholars.  

The first African Female Angel Recorded




My Ancestors And The Orishas

I know nothing!

Except my ancestors of the Congo practiced Palo, and my ancestors of Nigeria practiced Yoruba.

Well, that's not enough of an understanding to mention, but, it is the journey I am on  now, and it is why I'm representing the ancestors with these dolls.

I did learn that my ancestors of the Congo and Nigeria believed in the Orishas/Spirits which are equivalent to angels.

Do our dead ancestors walk with the Orishas? 

I don't know. But, I'll find out.

Until Then;

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There are so many wonderful books and sites available today that I can learn about the Orishas my ancestors dealt with, and I found one site while searching for education information for my grandchildren which I put at the bottom of the page.

Nothing here yet





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