RBG Designs

This RBG Pride Doll was made to show my gratitude, and to honor Marcus Garvey and other leaders who worked hard for dark people all over to have a better life. I also hope that it could be an aid when teaching dark little girls to love themselves. The Pan African and Black Panthers movements began with missions to better African American communities. I am thankful.

Love thy self - Heal thy self - Be thy self

A lot is going on in this world today that negatively affect black people even if they don't know it. This website has put forth several matters black groups here in America and in Africa have to deal with, and shows why people of the dark races are divided. These videos are "only" meant to share what I have learned so far. I'm on a mission.

Most dark little girls and boys don't understand why they and dark people as a whole are being attacked. They have been taught to believe something is wrong with dark people. What's really wrong will be found here as you explore these pages and learn that there are different classes within the many nations of dark people. .....But!....First Check Out Below Some History William Barber Shared on YouTube. The Questions become, "Movement to Where," and "Who Will Lead And Be Respected When Dark People Are So Divided?" Oh, And, "What Banner/Flag Should Be Carried"?

I'll share what I learned about flags, colors and meaning. Then, a brief understanding of words such as Coon, Negro, Black Race. Last, how these words divide the dark races as a whole, and also when they're used to divide dark people using a few biblical verses  with the characters;  Shem, Ham, and Japheth, Sarah, Hagar, Issac, and Ishmael. 

March Or Move?

Movement Time To Where And Under What Flag?


How will folks know where they are going, if they don't know where they came from?


Japheth Say We All Are From Ham


The Negroes Say They From Shem


The Negro is not African (Ham) - IUIC


Every Race (has a flag) But The "Coon"

RBG Flag Address "Coon" Song

So, What are "Toms" and "Coons" ?

And, What in this world are House Negroes and Field Negroes ???


What are "Toms" ?


What is an Uncle Tom and a Coon?


What are "Coons" ?


Where did/do the term "Negroes" come from ???

All Black People Not The Same !!!

Black "Elite" and "Negro" Bourgeoisie


Dark Matter

Ham - Father of Black Race


Heed The Word


Panther (Remix-Imani Beats)


21st Century Dark Matter Spiritual Elements


Universal Negro Improvement Association (Ham)

Pan-Africanism   https://youtu.be/7lmA5B6412k

Kemetans (Ham)

42 Laws of Ma'at   https://youtu.be/ZtS59iqKVBE

Black Panthers (Ham)

Black Panther Party  https://youtu.be/4e7gm5JZc9M

Nation of Islam (Ham)

Farrakhan Preach Jesus  https://youtu.be/lcqvAG2P-MY

Christians (Ham)

Tribe of Judah-Hebrew Israelites (Shem)

Ham Was Not the Father of the Negroes  https://youtu.be/So04LDcAGN8

Baba Heru Kemet/Egypt & Captain Tazaryach Israelite (ISUPK)

Seeking Ma'at (Kemet) - Dr. Ray Hagins

Christian Minister Dr. Price - Israel / Egypt

Dr Leonard Jeffries - The Origins Of Man !!