The Destruction of Black Civilization

Malcolm X Speaks on Ancient Kemet/Egypt

Black People Ain't Never Been Sh- t !.. Uncle Ruckus

Please do not get offended by this pastor.  It's here to show how black adults and children feel about their race when they have not read or been taught  the truths in black history.  Yes, it will hurt to hear what he says, but this is why this generation must educate black children with the truths not only of Egypt, but also of Benin and other great kingdoms of Africa prior to invasions by other nations.

Black History Lost And Stolen

Gil Scott Heron

Europe Divides Ham/Africa for its Resources


DuBois, Garvey, and Pan Africanism 


The Science Agenda to Exterminate Blacks    

Dr. John Henrik Clarke - You Have No Friends

Thou Shall Not Covet? Why They're In Africa?

These Religions Have Been Killing Africans To Take Africans Land?



Factories polluting everywhere, and drilling underground everywhere. They have been destroying Mother Earth Beings.

The Genocide Of Africans for their land,  so other nations will have Food And Security.

  Clinton Global Initiative/Entomophagy

Mother Earth and her Sun will bring death and destruction to them! 

Africans Creator Provided For Africans


The Creator created Africans in "Africa"  their place called home.

History proves Africa is Africans Home


Why haven't these other's Gods provided for their people?

Islam (Shem) Wars to Control Black Africa (Ham)


The Suppressed & Hidden History of Islam

Ishmael, Hagar, Paran and Mecca  

Abraham, Ishmael and Isaac

This video may shock both Christian and Muslim worlds  

Ray Hagins - Galatians 4:22-24 Two Covenants

 There are people who believe these two Covenants, and people who don't.  But, it's the reason why the black race of people are being kill, because others use it as their spiritual reason for killing.


Which things are an allegory?  

The Bible is an allegory (Christians Only)  

Galatians 4:21-31 Two Covenants Causing Desolation

The "Allegory" Symbolic drama was forced into history, and Africans forced into slavery to take black land.


The Two Covenants and Islam- Shahbaz  

Do European Jews,  European Christians, and Islam operate on faith?  Why do they have armies?

Why do spiritual Negro Hebrews and African Christians not have armies? 


Who has/will be delivered/saved among black Hebrew or black Christian ?  

Hebrew Israelites, Slavery and the FBI  


Hidden Identy of Blacks in the Bible  

The Great Secret Revealed  

Arabs in Libya sell African Migrants as slaves 


Saudi Arabs selling castrated black slaves today      

 Migrants sold in 2017 as slaves in Libyia  

Migrants targeted by slave traders in Libya   

Imam explains Islamic invasion, war booty, and slave market

Muslim Black Slavery - Islam Slave History of Black Africa

Louis Farrakhan - Arab Racism & Slavary Of Blacks In Africa

Farrakhan Receives Imam Award

Farrakhan Warns Trump